Will there be one startup winner for each of the five categories?

There will be two startup finalists in each vertical selected to present at the Gulftainer Innovation Event in Silicon Valley in November 2020. One winner will then be selected by GSVlabs and the Gulftainer executive team in each category.


Can one startup win more than one category?

Startups can apply to multiple verticals, but we do acknowledge that there is a low likelihood that such a startup would be the best-in-class partner in multiple verticals. Please feel free to apply to multiple categories, but recognize that we will be looking for highly focused solutions within each vertical.


What is the prize for winning this challenge?

The winning company will receive (1) a cash prize, and (2) the opportunity to explore a a paid pilot/proof of concept deployment with Gulftainer. The cash prize will be $10,000 and Gulftianer will work with each winning team to scope a  potential pilot/POC and determine if deployment is appropriate.


Is there any travel required for participation in this challenge?

There is a strong preference that the two finalist companies in each vertical present at the Gulftainer Innovation event in Silicon Valley in November 2020. If participation in person isn’t feasible, we will work with finalist teams to provide an opportunity to remote pitch at the event. As the event date approaches, we will closely be monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will prove event updates accordingly.


What will be the composition of the selection committee?

The Selection Committee will be comprised of representatives from both GSVlabs and Gulftainer, as well as 2-3 leading experts in each of the five challenge verticals.

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